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Richard Weinhold

2019-10-06 20:25:20 | Profile
This is why people use to hold each other when they danced. Thank you Iceman.

Kyle McDaniel

2019-08-25 07:52:50 | Profile
I will have this song played at my wedding for my first dance with my new wife

Brett Page

2019-04-24 06:32:54 | Profile

David Andrés Rojas

2018-10-27 23:48:27 | Profile
This song makes me cry I miss you so much love you otis

Ignorant Fuck

2018-10-03 05:02:41 | Profile
Almost would have to be born in that time frame to really appreciate this music. It will always be around.


2018-09-10 14:10:41 | Profile
This the best music .I was born in 1944 I love listening to the musicIn my timeTHE BESTI WISH I COULD RELIVE THOSE MOMENTS

Josee Tessier

2018-09-05 22:57:45 | Profile
Some good memories of my dad singing this song working on cars in his back yard in riverside California RIP dad 3258 lemon street will forever live in our harts

Alicia Shead

2018-09-04 20:29:07 | Profile
This is Heart breaking to listen too.......

Gea Scholten

2018-09-04 20:08:48 | Profile
This is easily my top 10 oldie.


2018-08-29 19:14:23 | Profile
This song makes me fall in love all over again memories of a time so young


2018-08-26 15:31:20 | Profile
Call the midwife brought me here

Наталия Бондарь

2018-08-25 03:26:52 | Profile
Brrrrrrrr its cold in here the ice man cometh


2018-08-14 11:45:55 | Profile
Still a great love song


2018-08-12 11:12:52 | Profile
a real classic, love this song.

Eiz Zahari

2018-08-10 22:31:08 | Profile
My favorite listening to it when my older brother would playing it on his guitar, and he would say i am going to marry that one girl that he was madly in love with, oh yea i said, so to this day they renewed there wedding vowels,so they had been married for 50 yrs. i had to share this share with her, that day we all were celebrating there vowels, man was a blessing to say that for dedications together,that was so cool, he told he remember till i remind him , he felt so blessed, this one to you brother Fred and wife to this day Stella,love you guys,love Pat

Cinzia Ponziani

2018-08-06 01:19:10 | Profile
Oh this is the way things should be.