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alejandrina baez

2018-11-12 04:15:57 | Profile
i like her so much i love all her singing and i love her so much

JeanRott Mont

2018-10-04 09:28:15 | Profile
Mariah is THE VOICE

Стас Захаров

2018-10-01 09:12:02 | Profile
she was 20 at the time let that sink in

Iniecia Ferguson

2018-09-24 12:04:00 | Profile
The best of all times. Real music.. forever loving.

wrench tattoo

2018-09-21 19:56:59 | Profile
I Isaiah tukuvaka my loves hearts runs at my back my loves OK....pains my hearts honey see they are killers bads lazgers freedoms words going citys of american bond FBI soldiers boss laws lots loves your hearts loves my love so bad ass at shoots now honey my loves baby winners lots drop your married ones babys honeys wars works now tooks times my loves honey not married ones OK .OK pains it OK..hearts pains see lots my loves honeys honey baby OK .freedoms now for are littles times planes babys inside my babys my love mariah Carey forever my loves OK..


2018-09-12 18:16:09 | Profile
Mariah the QUEEN of them ALL

Jack Sparrow

2018-09-11 01:57:08 | Profile
she was so beautiful

Jessica Chalker

2018-09-10 12:38:36 | Profile
the song is my favorite song! when i was a child, my parents listened it. this song reminds me childhood.