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# Song Bitrate Length
1 NF - All I Have 320 04:08
2 NF - Real 320 04:25
3 NF - Wake Up 256 03:54
4 NF - Green Lights 320 03:01
5 NF - Therapy Session 256 05:31
6 NF - Turn The Music Up 160 03:21


raga lee

2019-09-21 02:41:37
nate is the guy, he is a better rapper with better styls and better songs.... Much love


2019-09-18 10:31:48
NF one of my best rapper of all time


2019-08-17 07:12:45
I love you inspiration man

Chansa Mulenga

2019-08-04 08:36:43
I enjoy your music man, am no only motivated but also inspired by the way you flow on every track


2019-07-18 09:50:46
Nf's music makes me believe that that someday I can be a man of my own will


2019-07-18 09:50:22
Nf's music makes me believe that that someday I can be a man of my own will


2019-07-11 00:52:56
I dig his music its like he is singing about my life#forever a fun

farno pollack

2019-06-18 03:20:10
ya make good music the big fan ...i wanna do the same music as yours......#REAL

Trice COC

2019-06-02 15:48:57
I love his songs what can I say mmmmm he is a good rapper

Brian sinkamba

2019-05-30 13:59:46
I love NF we are like same incommon my life his life parent thing sad huh

Jåmåïcå Jåē

2019-05-22 08:25:53
NF is a great rapper and he has the best way of showing his emotions and ain't like other rappers who sign the same sh*t over and over again........#Outcast

shadrick young nf

2019-04-16 15:59:27
When I play nf songs they make me because he is the best rapper

Mar Marro

2019-03-15 08:44:33 | Profile
Imagine if NF got a paper cut...

Francesca Evans

2019-01-23 10:46:09 | Profile
HIs voice sounds a bit like Eminem

Daniel Saksteder

2018-10-12 12:16:09 | Profile
Oh joy even the lyric guy is here


2018-10-07 13:09:02 | Profile
Listin NF Is Way Better than eminem Why Cause he Can Rap Without Having To Cuss

wwe marvel

2018-10-05 23:25:05 | Profile
He is my favorite singer

Natramn 2344

2018-10-05 22:32:14 | Profile
THIS guy is like the modern day Eminem

محمد محمد

2018-09-29 03:51:45 | Profile
he kinda sounds like Eminem, but he is the best rapper i have ever heard

Sreten Rosic

2018-09-24 16:48:08 | Profile
Dude, I just discovered this... How and why did you keep me away from this music, universe!!

Juan José Saldias

2018-09-15 18:49:11 | Profile
This song is just me in a nutshell

Raquim HD Gamer

2018-09-15 14:04:21 | Profile
I know that 100% of u will probably not believe me when i say this, but my name is Nathan as well and for some reason so many of these songs resemble me really well

Kirk Matthews

2018-09-10 10:35:54 | Profile
I always love your lyrics bro ! Get ur t.p ready peeps Cuz this dude is the sheeit ! Lol


2018-08-19 11:07:44 | Profile
Kamikaze sounds like this